Andrea Ball

Andrea has always believed that good health and happiness begin in the kitchen!

Andrea Ball

Andrea Ball

Wholefoods cooking teacher
Retreat menu advisor

Through her company, The Green Gourmet, Andrea has been teaching and writing about cooking with wholefoods for over 25 years.

Andrea teaches The Seventh Seal's cooking classes and will lead you on foodie excursions at our special Nourish and Nurture Retreats, where she shares her love of healthy cooking, eating and living.

Andrea also works with Amanda to create and balance the delicious organic meals and snacks you will enjoy on all retreats.

Growing up in Thailand, Andrea was inspired by the Buddhist vegetarians she met: their deep respect for the earth, their bodies and all living beings — and the deliciously nourishing food they created.

Andrea is fascinated by the traditional wisdom of Asian food cultures, their use of local, seasonal ingredients, and the importance of food as medicine and in connecting families and communities.

During the Nourish and Nurture Retreat, you will indulge in six days of learning about new ingredients, flavour combinations, cooking techniques and food philosophies which you can easily translate to everyday life.

"My aim is for you to return home from the Nourish and Nurture Retreat feeling energised and inspired. With a little bit of knowledge and a few additions to your pantry, you'll be able to make healthier food choices every day and easily create deliciously healthy meals that all your friends and family will enjoy."