Yoga and meditation

Our yoga includes meditation, mindfulness, breathing, nutrition and learning how to de-stress.

Yoga and meditation are included in all of our retreat packages and are highlights of our signature Journey to Wellness Retreat.




We believe that yoga is much more then stretching your body into a pretzel in class!

Our definition of yoga includes meditation, mindfulness, breathing, nutrition and learning how to de-stress.

We are each made-up of mind, body and spirit: and each part needs a certain amount of love and attention so it can pay us back with a peaceful, dis-ease free and harmonious life.

Yoga is a way of integrating all these needs into a joyful, flowing one-hour practice.

At The Seventh Seal, all yoga is taught onsite by our own talented team of teachers.

We know that your teacher can make the biggest difference to your experience of yoga. Our teachers bring lightness and a bit of fun back into yoga and will work with you to find the ideal practice for your needs.

We teach yoga on the assumption that everyone is a beginner, and then adapt the teaching to any level.

Enjoy learning more about yoga in a relaxed and friendly environment where our doors are wide open for everybody to experience its wonderful benefits.


Modern scientific research is confirming the ancient wisdom of meditation: that it has real and lasting effects on our health and experience of life.

Meditation is a practice that allows us to quiet the activity of the rational, active, thinking centres of our brain, and this allows us to hear the wisdom of our heart.

Meditation doesn't need to be mysterious or difficult: it can be as simple as sitting quietly and watching your breathing.

At The Seventh Seal, you will have the opportunity to experience different meditation techniques — ancient and modern and using different senses.

During the week, you will find a style of meditation that fits for you, so you can take it home and begin the wonderful journey to less stress, more joy, letting go of negative emotions, focusing on the present and having a truer relationship with yourself.