Wellness and cooking workshops

Our relaxed workshops help you learn new tools for healthy living and eating.



Wellness workshops

Guests tell us that our wellness workshops are a highlight on their retreat stay: where they learn new skills and tools that they can take home to help them reduce stress, enjoy a healthier way of eating and to live a fuller and more joyful life.

Our Journey to Wellness and Nourish and Nurture retreats feature wellness workshops led by Amanda Bruton, The Seventh Seal Retreat's founder and director. Amanda is personally present and involved with every retreat and cares about each guest's wellness journey.

Amanda brings together her background in naturopathy, yoga, meditation, nutrition and eastern philosophy in her casual workshops.

While relaxing barefoot in the spacious outdoor living areas, Amanda will provide you with new insight into healthy eating, the importance of hydration, restful sleep, mindfulness, stimulation and movement.

During our Fitness Kickstart retreat, Amanda Jane will lead you in nutrition workshops to learn about the power of food and how it can change your life. Amanda Jane's mindset workshop will guide you through the process of building a holistic and healthy mindset to support the new, healthy you and eliminate any self-sabotaging behaviours and beliefs. 

Wholefood cooking classes

If you're interested in learning more about The Seventh Seal's healthy wholefood philosophy, then you will love our special Nourish and Nurture retreats.

These retreats extend your workshop learning about healthy eating, providing you with nutrition knowledge and practical skills to prepare deliciously healthy food at home.

Learn more about our wholefood cooking classes or watch our video: