Spa pampering

Your spa pampering experience begins moments after you arrive on retreat.

Step off the plane, settle into your luxurious accommodation and then surrender to your first 60-minute massage.



Traditional healing treatments are at the heart of Balinese culture, inspired by the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, which encourages us to nurture greater harmony with our spirit, the environment and one another.

Our hand-chosen therapists embody this philosophy, combining traditional techniques with the healing power of local spices, herbs and botanicals. Our therapists are skilled in intuitively understanding what your body needs right now.

Many of our guests say that their Seventh Seal massages are the most therapeutic and relaxing they have ever experienced.

Time for pampering

After melting away the stresses of everyday life with your arrival massage, it's time to choose how you would like to be pampered for the rest of your stay.

All retreat packages, except Fitness Kickstart, offer a further 120-minutes of spa pampering.

The Seventh Seal has partnered with professional spa therapists to offer onsite or offsite spa experiences. On arrival we will ask you to review and choose your preferred spa and treatment options.

Choices include a rejuvenating facial with local organic aloe vera, the tropical ritual of a coconut body scrub followed by a soothing turmeric body mask, a deeply restorative Ayurvedic, Balinese or reflexology massage, or a perfectly pretty pedicure, manicure and hair cream bath. Like everything at The Seventh Seal: the choice is yours.

And for anyone who needs a little more pampering or has special needs during their stay, we can organise additional spa treatments at a very reasonable price.