Heal your body and mind

Our healing arts practitioners are here to help you transform your health.

Bali has become well known as a centre for holistic health professionals who draw on traditional healing arts and have an open mind to new developments in natural medicine. This makes Bali an ideal destination for people who wish to address chronic health problems and to let go of unhelpful patterns of living and thinking that can contribute to disease.



Elisa Senese is The Seventh Seal's transformational healer who offers individual healing sessions. As a reiki master, certified craniosacral therapist, as well as water shiatsu practitioner and energy psychologist, Elisa can work with you to help you revitalise your lifeforce energy and rediscover optimum health. These healing therapies are included in this retreat package.

During any of our retreats, we can also connect you with other traditional and progressive healers for an additional cost. You may be interested in visiting a Balian — a traditional Balinese healer or a positive change therapist. If you are questioning what life has in store for you, a private session with a clairvoyant may provide you with new insight. Or, if you are ready to rediscover your life's purpose, we can organise a private session with a passion compass facilitator.

Amanda will liaise with you before or during your retreat to help you find the therapists who can help you achieve the change you need to live your best life.