Juice cleanse

Interested in trying a juice cleanse, but prefer someone else to do the work?

If you are curious about experiencing the health benefits of a body-cleansing juice program, The Seventh Seal is an ideal place to try it because the environment is so supportive and relaxing.

On each retreat, you have the choice of our gourmet vegetarian cuisine with optional fish and seafood or a customised body-cleansing juice program. (We don't offer the juice cleanse on Nourish and Nurture retreats, as these are food-focused retreats.)

A juice cleanse offers you an unlimited amount of organic juices and smoothies tailored to your taste.

We start slowly ...

Don’t worry, we won’t take away your food on day one!

On the Sunday, you will settle into the retreat and eat meals like everyone else. On Monday morning, the retreat staff will have identified you as making the special choice to juice cleanse and they will deliver an organic vegetable-based juice or smoothie to you every two hours.

Benefits you will feel at the retreat

  • You will feel more awake and active.
  • Your skin will look fresher.
  • Your body will start to change from being acidic to alkaline.
  • Your eyes will become more vibrant. Your clothes will loosen.
  • Your bowel movements will become more regular.
  • You will be better hydrated. Unhealthy cravings will disappear.
  • You no longer feel bloated.
  • Your attitude improves.
  • You will realise how much you eat for no reason.

After the retreat, you will find yourself making healthier food choices.


Brain power

Even one day of fasting stimulates neurons in the brain. And if you go beyond two or three days, the brain actually forms new neural networks — your brain literally grows and you become more intelligent.

For thousands of years, every major religion has promoted fasting or juice cleansing. A juice cleanse presses the limits of human experience and creates a divine connection. It gives space and time to expand the self-knowledge of who we really are.

What if I can’t last?

We are not a boot camp. Phew! We are just here to make suggestions towards better health.

While doing the juice cleanse, if you feel that it's not for you, then you can simply let our staff know and join in with the vegetarian menu again — no problem.

You will have team members to talk about your experience while on the retreat.