Food philosophy

Our food philosophy is based on local, seasonal and organic ingredients.

Most fresh ingredients are delivered to the retreat each morning from a local organic farm.
The dishes that we create with these pristine ingredients use the principles of low human intervention (LHI) — food that remains as close as possible to its original state, without any unnecessary additives, or too much messing around!

The Seventh Seal's food philosophy and menus have been personally developed by retreat founder and host Amanda Bruton , a C.H.E.K. Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and by Andrea Ball from The Green Gourmet .

Local, seasonal and organic food naturally has more flavour and is higher in nutrients while being free from pesticides and artificial fertilisers that your body doesn't need. It's a more sustainable way of eating that protects the local land and environment, and provides ongoing work and income for Balinese families.

Choosing local ingredients such as red rice, fresh turmeric and ginger, vanilla beans, cashews, coconut sugar and tempeh also allows you to discover real Balinese flavours and inspiring dishes from our close Southeast Asian neighbours.

Have a look at our sample menu for a small taste of what's instore for your tastebuds.