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Weston magazine

Weston magazine
Issue #58

Get your travel on. Trips to take now or plan for later, from islands to mountaintops, contemplative to adventurous.

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Qantas Travel Insider
June 2016

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Canguu Guide
May 2016

Seventh Seal retreats Bali are unique to any I’ve attended before – intentionally created as a space for guests to mindfully reset.

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Retreat Network
March 2016

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2 February 2016

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1 June 2015

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Gritty Pretty Magazine
Spring 2015

Sitting quietly among the rice fields of Seminyak this boutique retreat houses only 14 guests at a time. Run by Australian holistic lifestyle co...

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FRV Travel
Dec 2013 - Jan 2014

The thoroughly luxurious Villa Malaathina, featuring seven bedrooms set over an incredible 5000 square metres, could just be the answer to those...

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Guest reviews

All reviews have been written by our retreat guests.

  • testimonal

    What a beautiful tranquil place to do my first ever retreat! The bar has been set very high.

    Thank you very much to everyone for making my first trip to Bali a memorable one. The hospitality and gentleness of the people were a highlight.

    Anne L. Melbourne, Australia
  • testimonal

    I cannot possibly praise the staff enough: they are absolutely amazing.

    And as for the villa … WOW pure luxury everywhere you look!

    Ashleigh J. Perth, Australia
  • testimonal

    Thank you Amanda and incredibly friendly, attentive staff, for making this fitness retreat with Kimberley Rachael so great!

    This villa is so beautifully designed and has a really positive, uplifting energy.

    Have thoroughly enjoyed my week here!

    Brittany M. Melbourne, Australia
  • testimonal

    Usually I wouldn't be moved to write a review about something (read: anything) but I have to say the EPL experience warrants one..

    I'm a woman in my mid twenties and Bali was somewhere I was a little wary of travelling to. A girlfriend suggested we do Eat Pray Live and I thought yeah okay, I'll give it a try.. Umm best decision ever.

    As soon as we were picked up from the airport everything ran really seamlessly. We did so many activities that I never would have known to do as a 'tourist'. Explored the island with a driver, visited rice patties, hot springs, temples & beach clubs. Participated in a cleansing ceremony and saw a medicine man! Most nights we went to great restaraunts, unless we felt like staying in.

    The villa is well positioned in a good area and really homely, the staff are like family. I felt very comfortable, like being at a friends place for a week.

    Nicole who runs things is beautiful and so personable. She's also an Aussie/English ex-pat which personally I found really helpful. She seemed to know everyone, and if there is something specific you want to do - ask her!!

    She took us to the best restaurants and bars and always had something interesting to do if we felt like it. One night we went to a Natasha Gan fashion show, another night she had VIP passes for a food & wine tasting… She took us shopping, got us discounts at stores and even helped us barter at the markets!

    I had such a great time, met other beautiful women and fell in love with bali. I would recommend this to ANY woman! If you are travelling with a friend, sister, mum - perfect. Or if your travelling solo even better.

    EPL made m bali experience and I would definitely return. Thank you Nicole xx

    Court246 Sydney, Australia
  • testimonal

    My stay was very relaxing – great facilities, food and staff.

    Our host, Amanda, was great!

    Frank P. Melbourne, Australia
  • testimonal

    What a fantastic 5 days I have just had at Seventh Seal Retreat. The accommodation is amazing, everything is top quality and so luxurious — it made me feel like royalty.
    The retreat itself is so relaxing and calming. I am not used to meditation or yoga but I enjoyed both immensely and will be carrying on now that I am back home.
    The food is exceptional, I never thought that gluten-free and dairy-free could be so delicious. I never felt hungry at all.
    I really can’t put into words how amazing this place is.
    I met some fantastic people — both guests and staff — and have come home with some friends I never had.
    I will definitely take what I have learned and incorporate as much as possible into my new healthier lifestyle.
    Thank you so much Amanda, you’ve changed my life,

    Gaynor B. Perth, Australia
  • testimonal

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    This has been a beautiful week of relaxation. I feel honoured to have spent time with such beautiful souls.

    George C. Victoria, Australia
  • testimonal

    What a holiday! On arrival, the surroundings were a pleasant and luxurious surprise.
    The week was the perfect balance of health, relaxation and tranquillity.

    I feel refreshed and have learnt some new skills and will take them home to incorporate into my life. The staff were amazing, always smiling, helpful and professional.

    Would recommend to all!

    Thanks for the hospitality.

    Hayley C. Sydney, Australia
  • testimonal

    From a cleansing ceremony to espresso cocktails, from a trip to a medicine man in Ubud to dinner next to the waves of Echo beach... Nicole, the lovely host of Eat Pray Live, seems to understand women, their problems and how to bring out the best in them.

    I arrived at midnight, but Nicole was ready to welcome me to the stylish villa, my "home away from home" during my first week in Bali. Whatever I asked for, Nicole and her team were ready to deliver in order to show me the best of Bali.

    As I look back on my Eat Pray Live journey, I feel grateful for having met some amazing people with fascinating stories and outlooks on life. I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to Bali. I can highly recommend Eat Pray Live for every woman who need a real holiday, a break from reality, and a heavy dose of positivity...

    Thank you, Nicole, David & the EPL team for making me feel special and welcome in Bali. I'll be back ( :

    Ilizna E
  • testimonal

    Thanks Amanda for a wonderful week. Wishing it was two weeks!

    Your staff are so lovely, and the resort is very special. You have made a luxurious space for us to learn and refresh.

    Thanks for everything.

    Judy T. Melbourne, Australia
  • testimonal

    Thank you to ALL at The Seventh Seal Retreat for a wonderful, relaxing, educational and very satisfying retreat.

    The surroundings are beautiful and the perfect environment for a revitalizing, invigorating break from the world.

    I hope to be back.

    Karen A. Sydney, Australia
  • testimonal

    Such a lovely, relaxing experience.

    Healthy and healing for the mind, body and soul.

    Would love to come back again and will be sure to tell all of my friends!

    Kate C. Sydney, Australia
  • testimonal

    I had an amazing time in bali and eat pray live and Nicole made the trip for me. such a beautiful place to visit and spend time and culture to explore. and I got the opportunity to do it from a place that is literally a home away from home. somewhere that i felt really safe, where i could read a book, chat with a new friend, enjoy a cup of coffee whilst discussing the experiences gained that day.

    and i got to explore the best of the best of whatever i was after: spiritual experience, healing, shopping, restaurants, exploring the culture... without using trial an error or reading a thousand travel blogs to figure it out. Nicole has got all the info to make your stay in bali everything that you hope and dream it will be.

    and i came back feeling on top of my word, with a new confidence and direction from which to steer my life. looking forward to going back again and again.

    Visited April 2014

    kc-44 Sydney, Australia
  • testimonal

    Thank you for an amazing week! The villa far exceeded my expectations.

    The staff were friendly and attentive. I had the perfect holiday.

    Wishing I could come back every year!

    Thank you again.

    Lauren M. Sydney, Australia
  • testimonal

    Thank you so much for a wonderful week. We don’t want to leave!

    The experience was truly relaxing for body and soul.

    I will surely recommend it to my friends back home.

    Loes W. Melbourne, Australia
  • testimonal


    What a beautiful haven you have created. Visually the retreat is something I’ve never seen before. It really is as beautiful as I imagined a health retreat to be and much more.

    I have had such a relaxing experience here and will always remember my time here. I will certainly endeavour to come again. Thank you for your kindness and making me feel so comfortable.

    Many thanks.

    Melissa C. Brisbane, Australia
  • testimonal

    Thank you so much Amanda and team for a wonderful experience at your beautiful villa.

    I enjoyed everything you had to offer, I wish I could’ve stayed for longer.

    All the best!

    Michelle L. Melbourne, Australia
  • testimonal

    Dear Amanda

    I am truly blessed to have met you, come to this divine villa, and be welcomed by the amazing staff.

    Every second I have spent here with Kimberley’s health and fitness retreat has exceeded all of my expectations since my arrival.

    If I ever return to Bali, it will only be to come to this villa. It is so still and welcoming.

    I feel truly blessed.

    Michelle S. Melbourne, Australia
  • testimonal

    Dear Amanda and staff

    Thank you all so much for having us and looking after us so well.

    This retreat is so friendly peaceful and tranquil – it has been a pleasure staying here.

    Between yourself and Kim it has been a fantastic, first overseas trip for me.

    Thank you all for your warm welcoming and hospitality. It’s been a pleasure.

    Thank you.

    Nik K. Melbourne, Australia
  • testimonal

    So it's been a few days since I returned from my wonderful Eat Pray Makeover 7 day holiday.

    First of all, I was quite happy to be the Guinea Pig for my friends who said Eat Pray Live sounded like a great idea but unfortunately couldn't go due to work, family commitments etc. It just so happened, Kate Mcwhirter found my holiday plans intriguing and before we knew it we were flying out of Sydney towards Denpasar.

    Chief Happiness Officer/Organiser, the fabulous Nicole Long is one of those people who has the gift of making people smile. Her positive approach to life is so refreshing and she is such a kind hearted soul who just happens to enjoy the good things that Bali has to offer. Another thing that I love about this women is that she can have a good laugh at herself and doesn't take herself too seriously. Our first meeting was on a Sunday night at our villa where she waited for our 10pm arrival. With open arms and a kiss on each cheek, she welcomed us to Bali, showed us to our private villa and even managed to send the Staff to get us a late dinner of Nasi Goreng.

    The days to follow included massages, hair treatments, cocktails by the beach, scrumptious lunches and dinners at amazing restaurants (I never expected them to be so good), shopping expeditions, a water blessing and lastly a visit to an old but very wise Medicine Man who still has me fascinated.

    I must also mention our Stylist Melita Harmer and Eat Pray Golden Girl, Cherie Hughes. They were so much good to hang out with and I am already missing our fun little chats.

    Ladies, please understand this is not a religious holiday! Yes there are rituals/blessings along the way but most of this is because you are in Bali and as they say when in Rome........

    If you need to get away for a break and just want a holiday where you can relax, drink delicious cocktails, go shopping, have your hair done and not think about what's going on back at home this is for you.

    PMSchiller Walgett, Australia
  • testimonal

    Thank you for an amazing week of relaxation, wellness and serenity.

    I loved the venue and attention to detail in all of the rooms – it created a very peaceful vibe. I would really love to come back and visit you again.

    Rena K. Brisbane, Australia
  • testimonal

    Dear Amanda and the wonderful staff at Villa Malaathina

    Thank you for making my first retreat such a fabulous experience!

    The yoga and meditation was so beautiful, I couldn’t have asked for more.

    Loved the delicious food, loved my poolside room as much as my wellness journey.

    I hope to come back here and I’ll definitely be recommending The Seventh Seal Retreat.

    Thank you.

    Stella C. Sydney, Australia
  • testimonal

    This villa and the staff were absolutely amazing. I could not fault anything: it felt like we were celebrities the whole stay.

    Thank you so much for the incredible experience. Highly recommend!

    Stephanie D. Perth, Australia
  • testimonal

    Everything about our stay was perfect. The accommodation, staff, food, yoga – wish we could stay for longer!

    Already trying to work out when we can come back.

    A truly holistic experience with such a personal touch.

    Suzanne A. Albert Park, Australia
  • testimonal

    Thank you for everything Amanda. Being at the retreat was so special I have no words that could ever be adequate enough. My life has truly changed for the better and it was already on the turnaround so the retreat was akin to a cyclonic push in that turnaround. I think you are wonderful, and that also I do not say lightly.

    Suzanne K. Newton, NSW
  • testimonal

    I had the most amazing time, apart from my little accident!

    I can’t wait to come back and visit again. The people and environment here are amazing and so beautiful.

    Tamara B. Melbourne, Australia