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Why your body is crying out for alkaline water
23 Jan

Why your body is crying out for alkaline water

Amanda Bruton | The Seventh Seal Retreat Blog

I love talking with retreat guests about the importance of good hydration: why we all need to hydrate our bodies with good quality water every day, and the differences between tap water, bottled water, and alkaline water — the premium water for optimal health.

In the wellness workshops that I host on each retreat, we talk about what your body uses water for and how it plays a key role in your mood, cognitive ability and allowing your nervous system to communicate throughout your body. And that’s just for starters. This workshop always sparks plenty of interest, questions, and disbelief about what most people think is the right amount and quality of water.

Hydration matters

Humans can survive on water alone for much longer than we can survive only with food. But did you know that if you are dehydrated by just one percent, your cognitive function is decreased by five percent? That’s pretty telling in itself. If you are dehydrated by 15 percent, it’s time to call the ambulance!

The problem with acidity

Even if you are drinking enough water, you may not be drinking the type of water your body needs. To thrive, our bodies need alkaline water.

I love watching guests’ Aha! moments as they learn that most water we drink is acidic. Tap water and the majority of bottled water is acidic, which is not what our bodies need for ultimate health. Our bodies naturally prefer to be in an alkaline state. All foods, drinks and even water have an acidic or alkaline weight, which all contribute to the acid/alkaline balance of our bodies.

Fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds are alkaline. Alcohol, processed foods and meats are acidic. Depending on what we put into our body, the more acidic or alkaline our internal environment becomes. An acidic body is one which harbours and attracts dis-ease: a whole host of illness are born in an acidic body. An alkaline body does not attract illness or disease. Instead, it creates an environment where healthy cells can thrive and it’s much more difficult for sickness to set-up shop.

Easy ways to alkalise your water

At the retreat, we talk about easy and inexpensive ways to alkalise your water, even if it came out of the tap and was acidic to begin with. Alkalising your water is one of the easiest ways to improved health that everyone can start implementing straight away. By day four of our retreats, our guests are always impressed with the difference this one simple change is already starting to make for them.

I’d love to share my alkalising tricks and more empowering health tips with you in my wellness workshop at our signature Journey to Wellness retreat in Bali. (We can’t give everything away before you get there!) The retreat will introduce you to the six foundations of healthy living and we have a lot of fun myth-busting what we think we know about water, organic foods, sleep and stress.

Let me know in the comments if you are already alkalising your water. How do you it? And have you noticed a change in your health?

I hope to see you in Bali soon.

Honouring Wellness, Gratitude and Growth

Amanda Bruton

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