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Why you should be your biggest fan!
16 Dec

Why you should be your biggest fan!

Amanda Bruton | The Seventh Seal Retreat Blog

When you receive a compliment, do you simply say thank you or instantly get embarrassed? If you were nodding at the latter, you’re not alone. Plenty of us get shy in the face of praise, thinking we don’t deserve it or being worried that accepting it will make us look arrogant or vain.

But it’s time to change that.

Being humble is a great quality to have, but being too modest to share your successes can hold you back at work, in relationships, and in your vision of yourself.

It’s okay to be proud! Sharing stories about your success is great for your wellbeing. It helps you to feel more confident, motivated to continue working hard, and generally see yourself in a more positive light.

To help you on your way, here are some simple techniques to help you start appreciating your wins:

1.  Keep a success journal. Every night, commit a couple of minutes to writing down one thing you did that day that you are proud of. It could be anything from not pressing snooze on your alarm that morning to getting some great feedback from your boss.

2.  Make a daily checklist. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do, write a small checklist when you wake up of things you want to achieve that day — only include what you know is definitely doable! Making small daily goals and just ticking those boxes will help you feel accomplished.

3.  Give yourself credit. When you’ve done something you’re happy with, say to yourself, 'I’m so proud that I did this'. Recognising you did a great job and rewarding yourself is free — and so are the endorphins created!

4.  Share your achievement with others. Start small by telling a family member or friend (even your pet), then work your way up to doing the same with co-workers. When someone asks how you’ve been, don’t be shy to actually reply, 'I’ve been really great!'.

It may take a little time before it doesn’t feel awkward to celebrate your wins. But after a while, you’ll be wondering why it took you so long!

Honouring Wellness, Gratitude & Growth

Amanda Bruton

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