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Transcendental meditation - or something like that
23 Aug

Transcendental meditation - or something like that

Nicole Long | The Seventh Seal Retreat Blog

Transcendental meditation is just a 'mindfulness' technique.

There are many ways you can meditate each day - prayer, exercise, reading, even when cooking. Whenever you find solace in turning your mind off, you're meditating. When you can do it on cue, you transcend your brain as you know it.

A formal meditation just gives routine to your quiet time. Routine is comforting. Knowing you meditate every day at lunch for example can give you strength during the frustrations of your morning. 'Mindfulness' techniques became popular in the 60s.

Mindfulness is the act of sitting and becoming aware of your brain's behaviour - you become 'mindful' of your 'mind'. And once you start listening, you won't want to stop.

How to do it Find your space.

This doesn't need to be a physical space, but if your life is noisy, it may take a physical escape to get into a routine.

Keep it regular. 

 Regularity is a hard thing. That's why paying the big bucks to meditation teachers works. For many people, paying a personal trainer is less about the trainer's skill and more about meeting a person at a regular time. Better to do 20 minutes per day, at a regular time than to try doing hours and feel bad for failing.

Keep it routine.

To get the real benefits of transcendental mediation, or any meditation, routine helps. Just like with a sleep/bed routine, the act of preparing becomes part of the wind-down that you will become addicted to. Maybe a five-minute walk towards the park becomes the routine. The humming that many people associate with meditation, and hand positions, are an optional part of that routine. A mantra is a verbal way of reminding yourself to stay in the zone, and a hum has a soothing physical affect, like singing does.


Listen to the voices in your head. You'll find that your brain has been repeating the same messages all your life. People who struggle with confidence may notice a berating voice. Many people, especially women, will hear a voice telling them to stop wasting time. Your day or weekend's plans will be in there. Notice where your thoughts naturally lean - when you notice where they go, you begin to realise that a lot of your actions lean that way. And that those thoughts pulling you in a certain direction day and night is exhausting. Addressing them means you can start to recognise them. Recognising them means you can control them. Even dismiss them.

Visualise your future. 

It's hard to get to that real peaceful place in which you transcend your thoughts. Replacing millions of buzzing, noisy thoughts with a dream for your future is a start. Not an unhelpful dream about winning lotto, but a way you want to see yourself, something you know makes you happy. Some little wins. Seeing your family happy and getting along maybe. When you visualise what you want, and sit there thinking about it, the path to that want becomes clear.

Switch off. 

You have physically made time, you've mentally made space. Now is your best chance to switch off. It is only after practising repeatedly that you'll be able to do this. It's a discipline. It's hard. But it's worth it.


When you are able to switch off on cue, you are in control of your mind. You are sitting, appreciating the wonders of your mind, your body and your spirit. You've transcended the worries of our world. This... is peace.

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