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The secrets to getting 'The Secret' working for you
07 Feb

The secrets to getting 'The Secret' working for you

| The Seventh Seal Retreat Blog

The Secret book and documentary have taken the world by storm in recent years, with the underlying philosophy of bringing joy to billions by following the philosophy of Ask. Believe. Receive.

Tah Riq, the host of The Seventh Seal's newest retreat, NuHuman, was introduced to The Secret when he was at an all-time low. What followed, was an extraordinary transformation of every aspect of his life. But first, Tah Riq needed to learn the practical steps that allowed the magic of The Secret work for him. Teaching these steps and working one-on-one with individuals who are ready to transform their own lives has now become Tah Riq's life work.

Retreat founder and director Amanda Bruton , caught up with Tah Riq in Bali and asked him to share his life-changing story. Over to you Tah Riq ...

Getting unstuck

"Before all of this manifestation and positivity and health and happiness and living with passion, I was stuck in the UK selling computers for a surviving — because you couldn't call it a living. I was drinking heavily. I was out of shape and even more unhealthy on the inside. I was angry at the world and a lot of the people in it. I had very little money, no girlfriend, one major heartbreak under my belt, and had all but given up on my childhood dreams as well as on love. I woke up every morning to put on a purple uniform and a name badge, black trousers and black shoes. I would go home to video games. On the weekends, I would drink and hold an aggressive temperament. I began to look a lot older than I was. My mindset was jaded. I was on a fast-track to disaster.

"Then, my mother introduced me to The Secret. It didn't exactly give me the roadmap I needed, but it hinted there might be one out there. It was enough to give me the lifeline I needed. I started changing my thoughts from “I don’t want to be here” to “I’m leaving soon”. I even changed my password, which I wrote many times a day to “imleavingsoon”.

"Despite holding a Bachelors degree and a Masters in 3D Digital Animation, I had been stuck selling computers just to make ends meet for 18 months. After changing my thoughts, within two months I was ready to resign from my job. Then, within a few hours of handing in my resignation, I was offered a job as an animator by a customer who walked into the store to buy a computer. Now THAT got my attention."

Digging deeper

"I needed to know more, so began digging deeper to understand how this manifestation stuff works. What are the details of the formula? Why do some people get so much and others so little? I began asking the right questions, and pretty soon the right answers came looking for me."

Reprogramming yourself for success

"I’m so excited to welcome you to the NuHuman retreat where I share everything I have learnt with a small group of people who are ready to create an extraordinary life. During the retreat, you will learn all of the manifestation dos and don'ts that I’ve used to radically restructure my life, my health, my youth, my relationships, and more. The new techniques you will learn are the seeds of your new life — but they must be planted in fertile soil in order to grow. That's why the NuHuman retreat begins with unearthing your blocks, digging up and into the past, and with the aid of powerful healing modalities, releasing stuff you’ve had pent up for years or even a lifetime.

"Then we begin planting the new seeds, teach you the manifestation techniques and engineer your new mindset. The inclusions in this 7-day retreat are truly exceptional, and aim to deliver you back into your life with a complete physical, emotional and spiritual upgrade — ready to realise your potential for an abundant life.

"I know that many of you will have questions and will want to know more before you are ready to commit to the retreat experience. I'm here and ready to answer your questions, so please do ask away in the comments below and I'll be delighted to tell you more about this transformative experience. And while I have your attention, please take three minutes out of your day to watch my video and take the first step to creating a Universe with you at its centre."

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