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The Eat Pray Live retreat
16 Aug

The Eat Pray Live retreat

Nicole Long | The Seventh Seal Retreat Blog

How it Started

Elizabeth Gilbert’s best selling book Eat Pray Love tells the story of a modern woman who seemingly has everything – yet leaves it all behind to search for what she really wants. Her journey of self-discovery takes her around the world, where she regains the pleasure of eating in Italy, unearths the power of prayer in India, and finally discovers unexpected inner peace and the balance of true love in Bali.

Eat Pray Love gave millions of women (and men) around the world hope that after a difficult life change, you can find yourself. Obviously it’s unrealistic to be able to take a year off work in order to do this (as author Elizabeth Gilbert did) so Eat Pray Live strives to give people the chance to do it in a few days or weeks – as long as you want to come.

In August 2011, British born Nicole Long was inspired by Gilbert’s story and made a trip to the magical ‘Island of the Gods’ to face her own personal pain from a life shattering divorce and the effects of a painful childhood. During this holiday in Bali, Nicole recognised the need to offer a personal healing service to people suffering from relationship break-ups or caught in the ‘muddle’ of modern life. Nicole’s distinctive Eat Pray Live retreats, offer you the chance to open your hearts and receive the blessings of this spiritual paradise whilst resting, relaxing, and rejuvenating in the healing balm of Bali. Like Nicole, you may never want to leave.

Our philosophy is simple – “Positivity Breeds Positivity” & “A Smile Breeds a Smile”

In the busy whirlwind of our lives, a kind word of positive encouragement makes all the difference and feeling confident enables you to cope better and conquer your world with a spring in your step.

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