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How to listen to your body.
02 Dec

How to listen to your body.

Amanda Bruton | The Seventh Seal Retreat Blog

Okay, confession time.

When you start to feel sleepy, is grabbing a coffee the first thing that comes to mind? When you feel a headache coming on, do you reach for the painkillers?

For many of us, these processes are learned and almost automatic reactions to tiredness and pain. If we break it down, we’ve taught our bodies that at the first sign of discomfort, we have an immediate remedy available. But we’re not actually doing anything about the root cause of the problem.

In basic terms, we’ve become too acquainted with ignoring our body’s needs and taking the easiest short-term remedy, and not familiar enough with recognising what makes us feel certain ways.

And how many times have you heard stories about illnesses and long-term problems that could have been avoided or lessened if they were caught early on? If that thought hits close to home, then it’s already time to do something about it.

So we’re going to embark on a little exercise. Next time you feel less than well, whether that's anything from feeling tired in the middle of the day to getting a headache seemingly out of nowhere, before you go for that quick fix, take a moment to think of where that discomfort could be coming from.

Maybe you’ve been sleeping late too often and your body is beginning to show the repercussions. Try taking a 20-minute nap or committing to going to bed earlier tonight. You’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel tomorrow.

Your body loves you. It does everything it can to keep us alive. It immediately knows when something is wrong and it tells us. Let’s learn to lend an ear and listen before it begins to shout and we’ve created a problem that is too late to fix.

Your body is taking care of you, and you should show it the same love.

Honouring Wellness, Gratitude and Growth

Amanda Bruton

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