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A word from Nicole
10 Aug

A word from Nicole

Nicole Long | The Seventh Seal Retreat Blog

Here at The Seventh Seal Retreat, we want you to glow and feel happy from the inside out. This vital life energy adds to the “feel good bank” inside us that we all need to get through our sometimes difficult, painful or monotonous lives.

I am dedicated to making sure you have all you need to feel refreshed and renewed during your stay at The Seventh Seal Retreat and would love it if through your experience, you can then pass on a little positivity to someone else at their time of need. If we all do a little to spread this thinking and share a smile instead of a frown, surely then the world will become a friendlier and more supportive place.

I really stuggled with everyday life in London and then Sydney because of the lack of positivity in the busy lives we all lead. I noticed more and more people were forgetting to smile, encourage or support (themselves and others) in professional & social situations. I felt increasingly ‘different’ because I was naturally inclined to smile at a stranger or show support to people going through difficult times (even if I didn’t know them very well). I realised that my positivity and optimism could help change how someone felt about themselves.

My biggest reward is seeing The Seventh Seal Retreat guests feeling like new, wearing a big smile and a beautiful new outfit, having laughed, cried, let go of the past and ready face the world again and an exciting future.

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