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How to make the most of time off.
30 Dec

How to make the most of time off.

Amanda Bruton | The Seventh Seal Retreat Blog

Taking time off for yourself can be both a blessing and a curse. You plan it into your schedule with the best of intentions. You're already feeling good about making some time for yourself, but when your weekend, holiday or spare few hours come around, you end up spending it doing something that's ultimately not for you.

You've planning an afternoon with a good book and a cup of tea. Then, when it’s time to relax, you remember you need to do the washing, marinate dinner, water the garden and do the dishes. Somehow, your few precious hours have disappeared. Sound familiar?

Whether it's a few hours, a day or a longer holiday, there’s little sense taking time off if you’re not going to spend any of it enjoying yourself.

Today, I want to chat about feeling comfortable taking time out for yourself, without feeling guilty.

It’s hard not to put yourself last on an ever-growing list of things to do, but it’s important to make yourself a priority.

Some clever everyday strategies to try include:

-  Schedule in ‘me time’, whether it’s 10 minutes, two hours or a whole day away. Build up to it if a whole day sounds like too much at first.

-  Create a playlist and allow yourself to do whatever you want while it’s playing. To begin with, try including songs you love that total approximately 30 minutes, which should be just enough time to boost your mood.

If you have kids, letting them know it’s 'mummy time' until that playlist finishes is a fun way to get them involved in relaxing. And when that last song ends, you can then get back to the to-do list.

-  Be in the moment. This is a more challenging one. On holidays, we can often feel distracted instead of enjoying the moments around us. If you notice yourself getting lost in your own thoughts, try taking note of all of your senses to bring you back to the moment. Recognise and acknowledge what you can see, hear and feel, which is a quick way to make you feel more grounded and present.

I'd love to know your experience of trying these techniques! Share them with me on The Seventh Seal’s Instagram or Facebook.

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Amanda Bruton

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