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5 techniques to help relieve everyday stress.
13 Jan

5 techniques to help relieve everyday stress.

Amanda Bruton | The Seventh Seal Retreat Blog

Feeling overwhelmed, overthinking and stressed?

If you’re nodding your head, then you know that these three things can often put a stopper on your overall feelings of happiness.

While these tips may not banish your anxiety for good, they’re definitely techniques that I’ve used when things seem to be piling up and it all feels like too much.

1. Take time out for yourself. I know, easier said than done. But even 10 minutes doing something for yourself — like making a cup of tea or sitting quietly on your own — is a great way to show yourself some love and give yourself the space to calm your breathing and heart rate down.

2. Do something that has an achievable end result. Often we feel stressed because we’re overwhelmed by a task that seems impossible, which can cause us to lose confidence in our ability. Whenever I sense myself feeling this way, I try to do something I enjoy and know I can definitely complete, such as cooking a meal. The physical result of that activity is a great reminder that you can do what you set your mind to.

3. Make a ‘possible only’ check list. Similar to the previous technique, this involves writing a daily list of easy, achievable tasks. These can be anything, like ‘Go for a run’ or ‘Have at least four glasses of water today’. The key is that they are simple to complete — they don’t need to be traditionally productive, and definitely not difficult — as long as you feel confident that you can do them. Ticking off each task gives you a sense of accomplishment for your day, which feels great.

4. Breathing techniques and meditation. Meditating is a fantastic way to calm the mind and body, but if you’re a beginner, some simple breathing techniques are a great start. Try closing your eyes and counting to three as you breathe through your nose. Hold that breath for another three counts, and then slowly release the air through your mouth for three counts. Repeat as many times as you need. Give this a try next time you start to feel overwhelmed, and it will help slow everything down.

5. Write down or discuss the logical possibilities. Sometimes, our thoughts have a way of running astray and our imagination can create all kinds of upsetting or stressful situations in our minds. Thoughts like, 'I’m not good enough', 'They don’t like me', or 'I can’t do it' are common. But they’re not true. 

Try writing down all of the logical reasons that your negative thought is wrong, or discuss it with a trusted family member or friend. After a while, you’ll remember that it’s just your mind playing tricks on you, not reality.

How do you manage stress? I would love to know your techniques. Please share your ideas in the comments so we can all help each other!

Honouring Wellness, Gratitude & Growth

Amanda Bruton

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