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Trick yourself into drinking more water.
31 Mar

Trick yourself into drinking more water.

Amanda Bruton | The Seventh Seal Retreat Blog

We all know the 8-glass golden rule, but with the billion and one things we have to do everyday, it’s easy to forget to pour ourselves a drink (and one that isn’t a glass of red after a long day!).

Here are my tips for rehydrating. They're so simple, that once you're in a routine, you won't even need to remind yourself.

1. Carry a water bottle. EVERYWHERE.

This one is so easy. When you have a water bottle with you all the time (in the car, on your desk at work, in your bag) it’s a visual prompt to have a drink.

Even better if you label your bottle with time increments and make it a goal to reach each level by that time.

If you have your water handy, it suddenly becomes so much more convenient when your thirst strikes. (And don’t forget to fill it up as soon as you’ve finished it.)

2. Have a glass of water every time you feel hungry.

If you’re dehydrated, your brain can send you signals that make you feel like you’re hungry, when in fact all you need is some water.

Try drinking a big glass of H2O whenever you feel your stomach rumble and you’ll be aiding your digestive system, you’ll feel fuller and be less likely to overeat. This will also create a mental habit, so you’ll automatically reach for a glass whenever it’s mealtime.

3. DIY sports drink.

Many sports and soft drinks are packed with calories and added sugar, so even though you’ll feel like you’ve quenched your thirst, drinking these instead of water isn’t the best habit to get into.

But if you’re used to their fruity flavours and water seems boring by comparison, try adding sliced fruit (berries, lemon and kiwi work well) to your water. This adds flavour without unneeded sweeteners. Sparkling water is also a great alternative if you like a little fizziness.

Feeling thirsty?

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Amanda Bruton

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