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3 simple ways to make waking up easier.
17 Feb

3 simple ways to make waking up easier.

Amanda Bruton | The Seventh Seal Retreat Blog

We all know the struggles of tearing ourselves out of bed on a cold morning. The warm covers are so much more inviting than getting out into the cold, and usually, those blankets win out over our resolve.

And before you know it, you’ve pressed snooze four times and you’re running late for work. Whoops!

It gets worse on weekends. when you’re tired after a long week, it can be tempting to sleep in until the clock ticks over into the afternoon. But you’re only setting yourself up for a bad sleeping pattern in the upcoming week. Unfortunately, your sleep cycle doesn’t have a weekend mode.

These are some of my favourite ways to help me wake up in the morning, (yes, even when I don’t want to!) and I hope they help you to throw back the doona and make the most of the A.M.

1. Leave a blanket or jumper by your bed.

It can be hard to get out of bed on warm mornings, let alone cold ones. But knowing that you have something cosy to put on when you pull back the sheets is often enough motivation to get you up and out of bed.

2. Put your alarm clock out of reach.

I know, it sounds cruel! But when your alarm is in reach, it’s too easy to keep pressing the snooze button. Put it under your bed — or better still, on the other side of the room — so you physically have to get up to turn it off. And once you’re up, you’re more likely to stay up and get started with your morning routine.

3. Leave your curtains or blinds open.

If you have a window in your bedroom (in a spot where someone can’t look in from outside), leave it uncovered overnight. That way, when the sun comes up, the natural light will help tell your body that it’s time to wake up. Alternatively, switch the lights on as soon as you open your eyes. Over time, this will help train your body to wake up at the same time.

Wakey, wakey sleepyhead!

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Amanda Bruton

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