Why choose The Seventh Seal?

With many health and wellness retreats available, you might ask why The Seventh Seal Luxury Retreat will give you the best opportunity to rejuvenate, restore and be inspired to live a healthier and happier life. We believe there are (very appropriately!) seven key qualities that set our retreat apart.

Complete, balanced wellness programs

Each of our retreat packages is made-up of the most comprehensive and well-planned wellness programs you will find. Our programs include yoga, meditation, mindfulness, wellness workshops, delicious organic food, a juice cleansing option, massage and pampering — all delivered in a down-to-earth atmosphere.

Exceptional teachers and staff

Our exceptional retreat teachers and staff have been chosen for their skills, passion and joy, which they are naturally ready to share with you.

Whether preparing your room for restful sleep, creating your deliciously nourishing meals, releasing the knots of stress in your shoulders, easing you into a yoga pose, feeding you new gems about nutrition, or driving you in safety and comfort, each team member brings unique qualities to their role to make your retreat a memorable experience.

Everything you need is here

The Seventh Seal Luxury Retreat in Bali is a spacious and luxurious sanctuary: once guests arrive, they usually don't want to step outside the villa!

That's why our team members and facilities are all right here on location. Our five-star accommodation, sprawling pool, professional wholefoods chef, retreat teachers, masseurs, healing therapists and amazing staff are all on hand just a few steps away.

We try to bring everything to you, so you experience a deep sense of serenity for your entire stay.

Personal attention

Each retreat has a maximum of 12 guests, so each person receives individual attention and plenty of opportunities to interact with our professional team.

Perhaps you would like to spend some time with our yoga teacher to perfect a pose? Or you may have questions about meditation or healthy eating? We are all very keen to share our time and diverse training with you.

Ideal for solo travellers

Our philosophy attracts like-minded people, so whether you are travelling alone or with a friend, you will connect with people at the retreat who also make health and wellbeing a priority.

Over half our guests travel solo to the retreat: testament to the retreat being safe, filled with optional activities, and that your journey to wellness can be a decision you take on yourself.

Luxurious accommodation and setting

Your retreat's home is set amongst expansive tropical gardens with eco chic d├ęcor. It's the perfect blend of 5-star resort facilities and Asian healing culture.

Each suite is luxuriously appointed with a soothing design palate, plenty of space to relax, and a beautiful bed to sink into. This is your sanctuary to rest and recharge.

Two of the master bedrooms have their own plunge pool, so if you are looking for a little extra special, these are the ones for you!

Designed and delivered with love

At The Seventh Seal, every detail of your retreat program has been personally developed by Amanda Bruton. This sets the retreat apart from many others who hire their hosts.

Amanda ensures that the retreat team are focused on your needs and you experience both the best wellness program possible and a unique insight into Balinese culture.