Community work

Your stay at The Seventh Seal has a ripple effect: the retreat uses 10 percent of its profits to give back to the local community through meaningful programs.

Permata Bali Children's Home

We are proud to partner with Permata Bali Children’s Home, an orphanage in North-East Bali for children who have experienced the loss of their parents. The Seventh Seal provides the home with much needed resources and the children with everyday necessities.

Clean up Bali

'Clean up Bali' is our own initiative where the retreat team works with village leaders and spokespeople to encourage rubbish collection to keep local areas clean and to aid disease control.

Bali has never had the infrastructure to collect household rubbish, and it is not part of the Balinese culture. The best way to change this mindset is through village meetings, where we talk about the importance of rubbish collection as part of a greater vision for Bali's landscape and for the health of its people and visitors.

Amanda and the retreat team are happy to tell you more about how this initiative works.