About our name

Many guests ask about the retreat's name.
The Seventh Seal name came about one creative day. I was trying to find a name that represented the journey we are all on. I started by asking myself how we experience our lives on earth: how I experienced and then created memories of celebration and loss. I realised that it is through our five senses that each soul responds, creates, and remembers the journey of their lives.

Beyond this is the recently accepted evidence that we have a sixth sense: we can communicate from distant places, or perceive things that are not evident to the eye, or use remote prayer to heal.

This got me thinking ... If we have only recently discovered our sixth sense, perhaps there is yet another level of senses. And then it came to me. The next sense is where we sync ourselves with the flow of life, to the wonder and magic of what we could experience, if only we took the time.

This seventh sense can be realised through meditation and communion, first with our own spirit, then with our community, the world, the solar system, and finally and most importantly, with our Source.

Through meditation, and making it a constant fixture in our lives, just as we shower or give love to those we care about, we can heal the impressions of the past that are experienced and left by our six senses. We can create the life we want starting today and saturate ourselves in joy, contentment, freedom of spirit, connection and belonging. A disease-free, vital life filled with confidence and love.

The epiphany I had, sitting there trying to think of my retreat name, was so intense. I felt I had discovered something new and wondrous. I thought this seventh sense could be represented by a wax seal, like one on the back of a secret document to verify that the contents have not been tampered with. And so, the name ‘The Seventh Seal Luxury Retreat’ was born and my logo created to represent an ancient wax seal.

Turning inwards for a few minutes each day is the key to connecting with this seventh sense, where we can flow with and heal our lives. And that is why meditation and mindfulness are central to your experience on all of our retreats.